Get ready for takeoff!

Get ready for takeoff!

Our first winter flying season will soon be here !

Reserve your flight now, we’ll be expecting you!


Fil Vaz

“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!” Has a while new meaning for me! Being able to feel weightless and yet being seized by the view is truly special!

Flying with Air Panorama is a really amazing experience! The Pilot: Roger, is fun, passionate and professional! He makes sure all your worries are taken care of and that you have a safe and exciting flight!

The experience starts right when you get out of your vehicle! Roger is there to greet you! He’s got the fireplace going, the chairs are all set to enjoy the takeoffs and landings and the Wifi lets your friends and family post, snap and tweet your experience as you live it!

Once in the ultra-light, you get to enjoy the beauty and wonders of the laurentians for 20, 40 and even 60 minutes! the ride is as soft or exciting as you want it to be! Just let Roger know through your mic’d helmet!

Once back on firm land! Air Panorama doesn’t bid you adieux! Roger wants to know how you felt, what you enjoyed and how Air Panorama can make the next experience even better! All while sitting next to the fireplace listening to music and enjoying a warm cup of coffee!

My lady and I really enjoyed our experience and highly recommend the adventure to everyone who’s looking for their next adrenaline rush!

Bring your friends and family! They’ll thank you!

Diane & Donna

“Thanks for the awesome flight

Eileen Rickerby

Good Morning Roger!

Let me again express my thanks and appreciation for the wonderful experience of gliding through  the skies of Mont Tremblant in your aircraft.  Your expertise in navigating the aircraft and commentary on the topography of the land below, made this a very safe and enjoyable adventure to be remembered.

Our very best regards to you and again, it was a delightful day spent with you and your adventure.

Gilbert Grenier

I had the opportunity to fly during the fall colours. The owner is friendly and makes you fell comfortable while talking during the flight!!! A breathtaking experience! Thanks again!

Natasha Nasim-Gebauer

An incomparable and unique activity to do at least once in your life! Roger, the owner is friendly, funny, welcoming and especially passionate!!!

Our passion, flying between sky and mountains.
Join us on a familiarization flight in an ultralight airplane with Air Panorama, you will be amazed to see the Laurentian mountain range like you’ve never seen it before!

Flying on-board an ultralight is an unforgettable adventure!

Air Panorama is an ultralight airplane flight school in the Mont-Tremblant area. We are licensed pilots and instructors both for ground school and in-flight training. To learn more about us click here !